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Ben Adlard, Former Viget

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LogoIt's coming up on a year since we began working with Jay Basnight and the PUMA Interactive team, so we thought we'd look back on the past twelve months and highlight a selection of the technology we have built, the user experiences we have created, and the web interfaces we have designed.

The core of the project rests in the custom content management system (built by Viget using Ruby on Rails) that manages the majority of PUMA's web presence and provides a global technology platform that leverages PUMA's internal systems. Managers can utilize the CMS to post content (news, media, events, athletes, e.t.c) and engage with their audience online.

Content Management System

The CMS also enables regional display of content and manages PUMA Profiles, where users can create accounts and earn points based on their activity. Along those lines, PUMA Stores enables users to locate retail outlets closest to them to purchase products that may not be available online.


On the design side, we have enjoyed working with PUMA's fun and playfully irreverent brand. Recently our creative work has expanded beyond visual interface design to product photography and early stage video production.


Our design work is grounded by our user experience team which, based on research and best practice, has produced an architecture and interface design that enables additional categories and campaigns to be created with minimal time and effort while maintaining a unified design experience.


We have leveraged all four of Viget's labs (user experience, design, development, and marketing) to design and build a best-in-class web experience for PUMA. In partnership with PUMA's interactive team, our efforts are expanding PUMA's brand collateral, deepening engagement with PUMA fans, and ultimately driving conversions and online revenue. But don't take my word for it, check out a selection of the sites we have rolled out over the past year by clicking on the thumbnails below:

PUMA RunningPUMA Bolt CollectionPUMA Faas

PUMA FootballPUMA Total Club ConceptPUMA Womens Soccer

PUMA SocialPUMA GolfPUMA Creative Factory

PUMA TimePUMA StoresPUMA Bodytrain

PUMA Clever Little Bag


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