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Andy Rankin, Co-Founder & President

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If you follow my Twitter stream (or pretty much anyone from Viget) you'll know that we have been having some problems with our hosted Exchange provider. For close to 24 hours now we have been unable to send or receive email. In fact, anything sent to us since about 10:00am on Thursday is sitting in a pile somewhere on our provider's servers (hopefully). We have been working with the provider, and Microsoft engineers, to get us back online as quickly as possible - but so far it has been a little like putting Humpty Dumpty together again. The current strategy is to get us back online with blank mailboxes, which will allow us to send and receive new messages, and then restore our older mail over the course of the day. With this approach we hope to get our email back online soon - but it could still take us a while before we have access to some of the messages sent to us during the day yesterday. In the meantime, if you need to get in touch with us your best bet is to just give us a call: 703-891-0670. We're really sorry about this situation. For many of us, this has been our longest email outage since 1994 and we're going a bit crazy over it. [UPDATE: 06/20/08 2:28pm] We are slowly getting email back online. We are now able to send outbound messages. As DNS changes propagate around the Internet we will begin to receive inbound email again (in fact, most incoming mail is already being delivered). We don't yet have access to messages sent to us since about 10am on Thursday. We're still working on tracking those down. Feel free to resend anything that you have sent to us in the past day - we should get it this time around.
Andy Rankin

Andy is Viget's co-founder and President, working in our Falls Church, VA, HQ. He makes sure our clients and staff stay happy, and that we can always pay our bills.

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