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The future will not only be filled with silver jump suits and blue hair, but some pretty incredible digital experiences as well. A few weeks ago, I read/watched a cool Razorfish post about the Surface Table Gestural Interfaces they're working on with the MS surface tables. Last week, it was Microsoft's vision for the future. This week, it's Intel's Shape-Shifting material. These amazing products will change life as we know it. And, even if they don't . . . these videos are worth watching.

Picture this:

You walk up to a window, give it the "live long and prosper" signal, and up pops a display for the latest Fender Jaguar (I'm obsessed) guitars. You move the objects around with your hand, drag and drop the guitars to compare each, hear a live clip of what they sound like, find corresponding accessories, change your pickgaurd, add engraving, and change the color -- basically whatever you want. Sounds awesome and doable, right?

What if that guitar could actually come off the screen and hang out with you in 3D? Now you're not just comparing different colors on a screen, you're looking at the real thing; you may even be able to hold it!

So, you've got these two "virtual" guitars in 3D (probably slowly spinning and making a "whirring" sound effect), but you're not quite sure which one you like. You pull out your little iGadget-thingamajig from your digital jeans, pull the 3D guitars into your palm, take them home, and show your band. You can interact with the guitars, talk shop, compare specs, everything.

How awesome would that be? Can you imagine what types of channels we'll be marketing with in . . . thheee fuuuutuuurreee? The possibilities are endless.

MS Surface + AT&T:

Check out more Surface videos from Razorfish on Vimeo.

Microsoft's Future:

Credit: i Started Something. There's a longer, full length clip at the post. Watch it.

Shape-Shifting Matter:

Credit: PSFK.

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