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This post originally appeared on Pointless Corp.

It was a dark and stormy night, well after business hours and the pizza was already cold… We were pitching Pointless Corp ideas around the table, writing each of them on the white board without passing judgement, as any good brainstormers would. I asked if anyone wanted to help me do something useful and interesting with all of the sketches and wireframes we make when we’re designing a new site.

After a brief discussion, an idea was fully born into our hearts. We’d let users upload their design docs and quickly turn them into clickable prototypes! It would be just like paper prototyping… Without the paper, the scissors, or the glue sticks. Ok, so it wouldn’t be all that much like paper prototyping. We liked the idea anyways. Also, we thought it would be easy.

It wasn’t quite as easy as we thought it would be; turns out we’ve got high standards for this kind of thing. So, our talented team has been putting in extra hours ever since to breathe life into the idea, polish it up, and test it out. We just couldn’t wait any longer to share our baby with the world. Behold: Connect-A-Sketch.

Here at Pointless Corp (which, we remind you, is neither Pointless nor a Corporation), we have a soft spot for fun and games (a round of Tweets of Fury, anyone?), but nothing compares to our love of usefulness. We hope you’ll find the utility of this little gem as endless and satisfying as we do.

Here is the gist:

  1. Load up some sketches (drawings, wireframes, comps, whatever you’ve got).
  2. Create links to connect them together.
  3. BOOM. Click around, test your design, share it, edit it, go nuts.

It could not be more simple, but if you are confused, then you should watch the intro.

Like its namesake, Etch-A-Sketch, we wanted Connect-A-Sketch to be highly satisfying to use. It does a very simple thing, but it does it well and using it to make something come together is pleasurable and — dare we say — fun.

Connect-A-Sketch is brought to you by people who build complex web stuff every day, all day long, and know the value of a simple sketch. We also know that being able to connect that sketch to another one is freaking awesome.

Use it. Love it. Tell us how to make it better.

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Andy Rankin

Andy is Viget's co-founder and President, working in our Falls Church, VA, HQ. He makes sure our clients and staff stay happy, and that we can always pay our bills.

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