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PBS needed an engaging and informative online hub for its existing DTV transition awareness campaign. While Norm and Kevin from "This Old House" made perfect campaign spokespeople, the site itself had to appeal to a broader audience that might not be familiar with the show. Conveying critical information in a simple, straightforward manner was crucial.

That's where we came in. We helped PBS to create the site they needed to communicate this important technological transition happening in our world. 


And, we certainly learned a few things about digital television along the way.  Pass it along to anyone you know who uses an antenna and it just might help them out in February 2009, when all over-the-air analog signals are switched off.


Keep an eye out for the Spanish-language version of the site – coming soon!

Update: Read Doug's take on the process we went through for this project in his Behind The Scenes: Working with PBS on Digital TV post on our Inspire blog.

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