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Laura Sweltz, Director of UX Research and Strategic Initiatives

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User research is an important part of the design process but recruiting, scheduling, and managing reminders for research participants can be time-consuming and frustrating. Three years ago, I thought to myself, “There’s gotta be a better way!

A small team of folks at Viget set out to improve the process of scheduling user research. We launched an app called pow wow that allowed researchers to set up calendars, add times that were convenient to them, and share their calendars with others. Participants would sign up for the time that worked best for them and both people would receive confirmation of the appointment. Calendar organizers could even set up automated reminder emails.  

pow wow calendar

No more email tag trying to schedule appointments or manage reminders. We were thrilled to have a tool that solved our research scheduling problems and we decided to offer it as a free tool for the community. We soon learned that the format worked well not only for user researchers but for other groups as well — from recruiters and professors to teachers and busy professionals. 

After gathering feedback from users over the years, we decided that it was time to take pow wow to the next level. We recently launched a new version of the application — featuring improved functionality and a fresh design. We also now offer paid plans in addition to our free plan, as well as the option to customize the look and feel of your calendar to match your own branding. 

We’re excited to share this update and we hope that you’ll check the application out at If you want to learn more about the project process behind pow wow, visit our case study.

Laura Sweltz

Laura is Viget's Director of UX Research and Strategic Initiatives. She works from our Durham, NC office, where she helps clients like Rotary International, AARP, and Time Life understand the needs and behaviors of their users.

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