pow wow

  • Challenge

    Build a tool that allows researchers to quickly and easily schedule appointments with multiple participants.

  • Solution

    Integrate with Google Calendar to create a simple way to see your availability and offer appointments that work for your schedule.

  • Results

    A custom application that allows anyone — from researchers to recruiters to educators — to create a calendar, share it with others, and easily schedule appointments.

Say hello to smarter appointment scheduling. We built pow wow for researchers constantly dealing with the headache of coordinating appointments. They needed a way to easily book their research appointments with multiple participants. We gave them pow wow, the effortless, friendly way to create and share a calendar, then watch your schedule fill up.

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  • BrandingTeaching an Old Brand New Tricks

    After a long beta phase with a simple design, we used the enthusiasm of pow wow’s users as inspiration for the second round of design and a full branding effort. Users’ love for pow wow resulted in our lovable pup. Now users could feel as connected to pow wow as they do their real-life appointment bookees.

    Blair Culbreth Behind the Redesign: pow wow (100% More Wow)
  • IntegrationsWorking With Google Calendar

    Since many people already use Google Calendar to manage their schedule, we leveraged the SAML-based Single Sign-On Service (SSO) for Google Apps and the Google Calendar API to to develop an integrated solution. Using the API, we access events on a user’s Google calendar and pull them into pow wow so conflicting appointments are easy to spot. When participants book appointments, those events are added straight back to their Google Calendar.

  • React DevelopmentCalendars Built to Interact With React

    Users and participants interact with our calendars across a range of devices and screen sizes. With React.js we were able to apply our extensive JavaScript development experience to build calendar components that fluidly adapt to changes in application state.​

  • ​PAYMENT PROCESSINGSecure Payments

    We developed a custom integration for Stripe — a suite of APIs that support business transactions — to securely accept payment information from customers and manage recurring payments, while ensuring that account information stays up-to-date across both systems.


For everyone who’s tired of coordinating their complicated calendar of appointments, there’s now pow wow, the effortless, friendly way to create and share a calendar, then watch your schedule fill up.

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