Happy Holidays. Have Some VigePops.

Brian Williams, Co-Founder & CEO

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VigePops - a prototype

Early on in Viget's history, a certain someone decided that sending out simple holiday cards wasn't all that creative.  Fair enough.  As a web shop, you'd think we'd therefore focus on some kind of interactive e-card.  Not so.  We make digital stuff all year long, after all, so we decided to change things up and make something decidedly non-digital to send to all our family and friends.  It had to be something that the whole staff could help on and somehow hint of the Viget logo.  That first year, we sent VigorBalm -- handmade lip balm packaged up to look like the Viget logo.  It was awesome, and a tradition was born.

VigePops ... in the works

Since then, we've made Vigoroma, Vigelicious, VigeTags, VigetRocks, and VigeTurf.  Last year, with VigeTurf, we broke from tradition and created a site that, well, did a lot (in a relative sense).  You could upload photos, trim your virtual turf, and comment on what you hoped to grow in 2009 (by the way, some of you guys are soooo clever answering that one!)  

The gift of VigeTurf was pretty involved as well.  You had to setup a bench, pour the dirt, plant the seeds, water it, trim the grass ... makes me tired just thinking about it.  Many of you did it, though, and I applaud you for it.  People were growing VigeTurf all around the world, and it made us proud.

A lone VigePop

This year, we're keeping it simple.  Nothing to plant, water, or trim.  We're sending just a couple of handmade candy VigePops for you to unwrap and enjoy.  The site is equally simple.  Nothing to do but look at the photos of your friends at Viget coming together at the holidays to make VigePops for all our friends and family.  We hope you like them!


Another tradition is that we make a few extras.  Want one?  Comment below that you'd like a set and we'll ping you over email for your address.  While supplies last.  Happy Holidays from all of us at Viget!

Get your own VigePops!


Brian Williams

Brian is Viget's co-founder and CEO. He does everything from advising our clients to building our conference tables with his bare hands in our Falls Church, VA, HQ.

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