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Saturday (July 11th) marked the first Ruby Hackday event organized by the Ruby Hacknight group, and hosted here at Viget Labs HQ in Falls Church, VA.

The idea for Hackday was simple: provide a free-of-charge, guided discussion on Ruby- and Rails-related topics that was open to the community. Our first topic, 'Refactoring Rails Controllers,' was chosen in response to conversations that had taken place during previous Hacknight events.

At Viget we get to work with Ruby and Rails everyday with other developers doing the same thing. This generates tremendous growth within each of us in the development lab. However, there are many Ruby developers working solo or just hacking on their own time. We wanted to provide a comfortable environment for local Ruby developers to listen and converse with people who code Ruby all day every day.

We plan on having more Hackday events in the future, our initial goal is to host one every quarter in both Viget locations (Falls Church, VA & Durham, NC). If you would like to suggest a topic or if you are interested in discussing/teaching a topic at a Hackday event, drop us a line at our meetup page or in the comments below.

Justin's Textmate Hat

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