Google Calendar is Reigning Champ for Recurring Tasks

Jason Sperling, Former Senior Digital Strategist

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As I've been learning the ropes here at Viget, I've noticed that I have a lot of recurring weekly tasks, and it's not easy to keep track of them all! To figure out the best way to stay on top of these tasks, I turned to my fellow Vigeteers for help.

When I asked everyone here at Viget how they keep track of recurring weekly tasks, the response was clear: the majority of us use Google Calendar. There was no strong second preference. Instead, I learned that people who don't use Google Calendar use a wide variety of other tools.

Now, here are the details of my research:

To figure out my coworkers' tools of choice, I first used Wufoo to create a free survey. If you're not familiar with Wufoo, it is a pretty nice solution for creating online forms (of course there are many others, such as these 15 great online form building tools). I found Wufoo to be fast, easy, and ... Well, Wufoo does a much better job of explaining it: the top 10 reasons to use Wufoo to collect information.

Then, I sent this survey to everyone at Viget to help identify the most commonly used task managers for recurring weekly tasks. For the purpose of this survey, a "recurring weekly task" was defined as something that happens every week on a specific day, but not at a specific time like an event. The example given of a recurring weekly task was submitting our time sheets every Monday. Those tasks not considered as recurring weekly tasks for this survey included: daily recurring tasks, one-time tasks, recurring monthly tasks, or seasonal tasks.

Nearly half of the people at Viget responded to the survey (I assume the other half was too busy working to respond!). Besides Google Calendar, Viget staff uses the following handy tools to manage weekly recurring tasks: Remember The MilkGoogle spreadsheets, piece of paper (offline), Google, and Omnifocus.

Here are the results (click to enlarge):

So, is there anything we missed? Do you have any brilliant recommendations on how to keep track of recurring weekly tasks? I'd love to hear them!

P.S. This survey was done before the announcement of Apple's new operating system iOS 5.0 for Macs and iPhones, which includes a Reminder feature that might be adopted by some Vigets and threatens incumbent services.


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