Get Reviewed on Google Maps

Ken Yarmosh, Former Viget

Article Category: #Strategy

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Did you know that you can essentially get free advertising on Google just by registering your business on Local Business Center? By doing so, your business may rank for local (and relevant) queries on Google via Google Maps. But that is not all. Google just rolled out a new feature that allows local businesses to be reviewed too. So, now client X or patron B might throw their two cents about your company into an easily accessible review linked off of That might scare you, encourage you to do better, or be fine because you are sure that people are happy with your business. Think about it though, would you choose the business with outstanding reviews or the one with nothing to validate it? Similar to soliciting offline customer feedback, Google Map reviews are going to be key for any local business. In sad news, my favorite Chinese food place in Falls Church - New Dynasty (previously on speed dial) - recently shut down. I wonder what would have happened if it had some reviews?

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