Ezenia! Inc. Announce Its ReLaunch Thanks to Viget

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Ezenia! Inc.

Viget Labs
Brian Williams
Founding Partner

Burlington, Mass. — Ezenia! Inc. and Viget Labs today announced the launch of the new Ezenia! web site (www.ezenia.com). With a growing client list and increasing sales of its flagship collaboration product, InfoWorkSpace, Ezenia! wanted to ensure that current and prospective customers could easily find needed information on its web site. As an expert web systems interface designer and information architect, Ezenia! looked to Virginia-based Viget Labs to design a fresh, current look for the site, as well as restructure the way information was presented.

"Ezenia! develops technically-innovative products based in part on Internet technologies, so they’re very web-savvy. We didn’t need to sell them on the virtues of good web site design; they’re in the business and they know that presenting a web interface that is user-friendly is critical to effective sales and customer satisfaction. We've enjoyed the opportunity to collaborate with them on this project and look forward to continuing to support them with other web systems technology needs," said Brian Williams, Founding Partner of Viget Labs.

About Ezenia! Inc.

Ezenia! Inc. (OTCBB: EZEN), founded in 1991, is a leading provider of real-time collaboration solutions, bringing new and valuable levels of interaction and collaboration to corporate networks and the Internet. By integrating voice, video and data collaboration, the Company’s award-winning products enable groups to interact through a natural meeting experience regardless of geographic distance. Ezenia! products allow dispersed groups to work together in real-time using powerful capabilities such as instant messaging, whiteboarding, screen sharing and text chat. The ability to discuss projects, share information and modify documents allows users to significantly improve team communication and accelerate the decision-making process. More information about Ezenia! Inc. and its product offerings can be found at the Company’s Web site, www.ezenia.com.

About Viget Labs

Founded in 1999 and based outside of Washington, DC, Viget Labs provides web strategy, creative design, and technical development services to clients around the country. Viget Labs projects vary from media-rich web design to technically-innovative database and software development to complex systems integration and support services. Its clients include Britney Spears, Shania Twain, and AOL. Founded by a group of renegades from Blue Chip tech companies, the company’s credo is to demonstrate strong leadership in “providing complete, forward thinking web solutions that help achieve tangible business goals.”

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