Enterprise UX Workshop Next Friday with Thomas Vander Wal

M. Jackson Wilkinson, Former Viget

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We're taking Training at Viget in a new direction next week by bringing in UX big gun Thomas Vander Wal to present, "Social Design for the Enterprise." It will be a small, hands-on, very interactive workshop hosted at Viget's Falls Church office. If you're a UX type and you work in or with large(ish) organizations, you won't want to miss it. Or, if you're the head of IT at a large organization and you're looking to see how you can best bring in some of the latest social techniques, this is a perfect opportunity for you to jump right in.

The workshop will focus on teaching attendees how to design and execute social products within larger organizations.  It's easy to copy the industry by simply adopting social tools, but that approach usually fails in a big organization setting. Frankly, the organization itself gets in the way. To achieve success, you need to understand the special circumstances of the Enterprise.  This half-day workshop will provide models and frameworks to think through the challenges of social tools within this particular context. You will leave equipped to achieve success within your company or for your clients.

Check out the workshop's page here for a complete description and Thomas Vander Wal's bio. See you next week!

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