Boulder Startup Week 2012: May 16th - 20th

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Boulder Startup Week May 16-20, 2012

Next week our local businesses, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, streets and foothills will be packed full of folks celebrating the awesome startup culture of Boulder. It’s time again for the annual 5-day event: Boulder Startup Week!

We at Viget are psyched to show our support of Boulder Startup Week by hosting an event featuring speakers and insight from the local community. Our event is called Startups + Great UX = Great Success and it’s a topic close to our heart. Besides an enticing alphasymbolic title, we hope the lineup of speakers (see below) will be able to drop some wisdom on ya. Here are the details:

Startups + Great UX = Great Success

Absinthe House - Thursday, May 17, 2012, 2-3:30pm

It's no secret that creating a great experience for users is critical to a successful startup. But doing that in a startup environment can be challenging. Limited resources, small teams, and the pressure to get something, anything, out the door can sink even the best intentions. We'll hear from people working inside local startups and at agencies that work with startups on how they try to overcome those challenges to creating a great product. Speakers will briefly share their experiences and work, then we’ll have a moderated Q&A. First drink complimentary. Light snacks provided.


Andy Montgomery, User Experience Designer


Jackson Fox, Senior User Experience Designer

Dave Pitman, Designer
Lab Cogs Co.

Andrew Cohen, Lead Designer
Next Big Sound

Kevin Menzie, Founder & CEO
Slice of Lime


If you’d like to register, click here


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