Ben’s Rails Book Launches!

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Ben's a proud papa -- both to his first baby (girl), and now (officially) to his first book, Practical REST on Rails 2 Projects, which recently started shipping from Amazon and will be in bookstores starting next week.  He's spoken nationally and internationally in the Rails community, and has been authoring the book since October 2007.

Practical REST on Rails 2 Projects is a guide to joining the burgeoning world of open web applications. It argues that opening up your application can provide significant benefits and involves you in the entire process—from setting up your application, to creating clients for it, to handling success and all its attendant problems.

  • This book is the essential resource for anyone who wants to make their web application a full participant in the new Internet.
  • This book is intended for intermediate–to–advanced Rails developers—people who use Rails regularly for sites and applications more complicated than the prototypical roll–your–own blog.
  • In particular, it’s targeted at Rails developers who want to be good Web 2.0 citizens—sharing the functionality of their app with other sites to the betterment of everyone.
  • Application projects include iPhone, Facebook, and REST for the enterprise.

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