An Uncharted Exploration, Cousteau Style

Todd Bayliss, Former Viget

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The world has had the pleasure of diving into the legendary ocean adventures of Jacques-Yves Cousteau for decades, but Viget had the opportunity to dive into a more rare Cousteau exploration -- defining their web presence for the next generation.


This week we opened the next chapter of our relationship with longtime friend EarthEcho International by launching its latest web site. EarthEcho -- co-founded by Jacques Cousteau's grandson, Philippe Cousteau, alongside his mother Jan and sister Alexandra -- now has a web site to match its core mission. In helping to define EarthEcho's brand, its web presence now further brings to fruition the refined vision of empowering youth to protect the environment through education and stewardship.

Our CEO, Brian Williams, has this to say about the lasting relationship we've had with EarthEcho:

"EarthEcho was one of our very first clients -- way back when Philippe was still in school. I was inspired then by the passion and commitment of both Philippe and Alexandra, and I'm honored that Viget's been able to play a part in the growth of EarthEcho over the years. This relaunch reflects our great partnership, and I hope it's a big step in their continued success."

In a truly Cousteau fashion, we collaborated with the EarthEcho team in an innovative way to better understand and define its mission. With such a unique audience group, we learned early on how important it was to present information in a more targeted manner. And, while several user segments materialized from those conversations, the key demographic boiled down to young people -- children and young adults -- interested in making a difference through changes they could make in their everyday lives. The site then needed to provide clear avenues to EarthEcho's core programs and workshops, while also providing easy access to its various tools and resources. Additionally, we created cohesive news and events feeds that can be filtered across sections of the site and social media integration to help people spread the word.

We were able to come up with a fresh design that reflects the youthfulness of the audience without losing the serious tone of the challenges being addressed. The finished product will help expand EarthEcho's message to the next generation of environmental ambassadors and keep that legendary Cousteau spirit alive.

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