A Look at Viget in 2019

Mai anh Nguyen, Former Product Designer

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As the year comes to a close, let's take a look back at Viget in 2019.

2019 was another great year at Viget. While we're eager for 2020 (we celebrate our 20th anniversary!), we couldn't finish up this year without looking back at at how much we accomplished in 2019.


At Viget, we believe in growth, sometimes quick, sometimes slow, but always intentional. And the last couple of years, we've been growing our team: In 2019, we made eighteen new hires! Oh, and we're still on the hunt for great candidates, so do check out our openings.  

Here are just a few of our recent hires and some fun facts about them:

Jasmine Stammes

Jasmine joined Viget in November as a UX Researcher in the Durham office. She has already been busy interviewing users and getting insights from the rest of the team. Most days you will find her looking for the sunniest patch in the Durham office to get work done. She loves Free Lunch Fridays and all the other random times she doesn’t have to regret forgetting her lunch at home.

Prior to coming to Viget, she spent seven years working on healthy food access and equity as both a community-based researcher and practitioner.

Alec Minnicuci

Alec was welcomed to the Viget business development team in July. He loves sports and cooking and currently lives in DC with his fiancé, Regina, and their beagle/lab mix, Tally.

Alec notes,

“After only five months, I’ve already realized that Viget is a special place. I’ve never worked in an environment that affords its staff such freedom and independence, while providing unrelenting support. Coming from workplaces where you were simply a cog in the machine, being encouraged to take time to learn, experiment, and grow as part of my day-to-day has been so refreshing.”

Elizabeth Karst

Elizabeth moved from Seattle and joined our development team in Boulder, CO, in June of 2019. She loves rock climbing and running with her dog, Finnley. She has gotten to write a lot of Ruby and Elixir for a slew of different clients at Viget. You’ll usually find her bouncing from her desk to sitting and programming in one of our many nooks in the Boulder office. She loves the quick access to nature that the Boulder office provides, and you’ll always see her biking or running into the office.

Our Work

At Viget, we worked on several interesting projects this year. Here are some of our highlights, but check out our work page if you'd like to see more!

Museum of Life and Science

We love VR/AR projects, and we were so excited to create and design an interactive app for the “Earth Moves” exhibit in the Durham-based Museum of Life and Science (MLS). Visitors can not only explore a cave formation made out of sandstone, but now, they can download an app to experience how a simple stream can carve the Earth to become a waterfall. Download the app and give it a whirl here.

Fiscal Note

We also love flexing our brand strategy and product design muscles. We worked with FiscalNote to create a brand strategy, design a website, and rethink their product for their first-ever Android app. You can read the full the case study here.

Nest Realty

We developed and iterated on a minimum viable product using user testing to create a unique realty management platform that was custom-built for Nest Realty’s business, agents, and customers. MVP is our favorite word at Viget, and we love developing from the ground up. Our developers worked together with our project manager to create an MVP that would become one of the more unique builds this year.


TTT (Third Third Thursday) is one of our favorite traditions at Viget. Around the third Thursday of every third month, we plan a retreat. Twice a year, it's an all-hands meeting, the other two are focused on the individual offices. For our most recent one, we all met in Richmond, VA where we enjoyed a mini-conference of sorts – we spoke on topics from tech ethics to globalization to how deep fakes work. After discussing company performance and growth goals, we ended our day with cocktails and mini-golf.

Read about the history of TTT from our CEO, Brian Williams, here.

Chattanooga Office

Image Credit: Chattanooga Convention & Visitors Bureau

This year, we opened our fourth office in Chattanooga, TN! With it's growing tech scene, great dining and entertainment options, countless outdoor activities, welcoming neighborhoods, and a supportive entrepreneurial culture, we think Chattanooga is a Viget kind of town. We're hiring in the area, so check out our Chattanooga-specific openings!

GOOD Talks and #HealthyViget

At Viget, our top priority is doing excellent work for our clients, which requires top-notch collaboration. We see trust, respect, and authenticity as key ingredients to a company culture where we can do our best work. Recently, the People Team launched two amazing initiatives, GOOD Talks and #HealthyViget, to help nurture that culture. These initiatives spark conversation and nudge action towards health and wellness, not just for individual employees but for all of us as a community.  

There's no way to fully capture all the small moments, amazing clients, and interesting projects that combined make 2019 one for the books. Next year, we celebrate our 20th anniversary, and we're grateful and excited to see what's to come. 

Happy New Year! 

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