2012: The Year in Launches

Tom Osborne, Former VP, Design

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Since 1999, Viget has been working hard to help improve the web. One of the things that has always impressed me about Viget is our ability to get things launched. This year, we released over 30 new or refurbished online experiences. Some large. Some small. Some Pointless. We even launched a new Viget.com this year, four years since the last major update. In 2012 we found ourselves designing responsively more than we ever have to account for the growing abundance of smart phones, tablets, and other web enabled devices. Take a look at the many launches we had a hand in making happen this year:


The Big Ones

While every launch is important to us, a few stood out.

World Wildlife Fund

Time Life

Run PUMA Run



PUMA continued to let us flex our creative muscles and show how innovative a big brand can be.

PUMA Social Cards


PUMA Bring Me Back

PUMA Stand-up Paddleboard

PUMA Global Rallycross

PUMA Motorsport Race-off

PUMA Bring Me Back

PUMA Fitness Trainers

PUMA Time Contest



We worked with many innovative and growing startups, as we've done since the early days of Viget.



Rumble Games




Higher Education

We remain plugged into the higher ed community. Here are some of our latest.

Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies

Duke Admissions

Duke University School of Law

Penn Admissions

Colorado State University OnlinePlus



Some of our friends in the corporate world asked us to redesign their online presences.

Identity Guard

Liquidity Services, Inc.

Carr Workplaces



We helped our friends in the non-profit community, too.

AIGA DC Continuum Fund

Washington West Film Festival

Philippe Cousteau


Homegrown Viget Projects

Yep. We're still making stuff just because we want to.


Baby Bookie

Office Games






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