2012 Pointless Weekend Kicks Off

Brian Williams, Co-Founder & CEO

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This post originally appeared on Pointless Corp.

We’ve been pretty quiet at Pointless Corp. headquarters lately. It’s been a busy year at Viget, frankly, and paying clients have been the priority. That’s about to change, at least for a bit. From 6 pm today (Thursday) through 6 pm Saturday, a batch of Vigets in both Falls Church, VA and Durham, NC have banded together for 48 hours of building something.

We’ll post photos in this Flickr set and we’ll try to tweet a bit now and then as well. Check back here to see what we come up with.

Brian Williams

Brian is Viget's co-founder and CEO. He does everything from advising our clients to building our conference tables with his bare hands in our Falls Church, VA, HQ.

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