0 Visitors in Google Analytics Bug

Trace Johnson, Former Viget

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If you have looked in your Google Analytics report for March 26 and see visits tracking properly and yet 0 visitors, you are not alone. This is a bug in Google Analytics, and while we are waiting on a response from Google, we expect this issue to be fixed promptly. All other data tracking seems to be unaffected, so hold tight and we will update you when we hear something. Update-

In an effort to improve processing time, we're now able to refresh most data much quicker (within 1-3 hours vs. 4-24 hours), however unique visitor counts are currently updated later in the day in order to account for return visitors. As a result, throughout the day, you might see 0 reported for unique visitors. This is not a data error! just a delay in reporting for unique visitor counts. This should improve within the next few weeks with the goal that unique visitor counts will be updated more regularly throughout the day.

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