The Wellness Project

EverFi is the leading education technology company focused on teaching students critical life skills traditionally not taught in the classroom. In an effort to further partner with parents, Everfi came to Viget with the idea of an online survey that would identify key topics of discussion not currently being taught in the home. After completion of the survey, parents would be presented with a “Wellness Score” and educational resources tailored to their needs based on their survey results.

What we did

Brainstorming Rich Concepts

EverFi prides themselves on using creative, visual methods to gather and distribute information for parents and students. In an effort to increase awareness of and engagement with their brand, we helped develop a visually rich storyline to accompany their parent survey. We presented a handful of concepts complete with naming, user-flows, voice, tone, goals, and potential interactions for each.

Creating a Sub-Brand

We wanted The Wellness Project to live as an independent microsite. This would allow for easier sharing, more flexibility in design and build, and hopefully, more focused engagement without distraction. But, this also meant the creation of a new brand, inclusive of a logo, iconography, color palette, and unique URL. We meticulously crafted this sub-brand, paying close attention to the fine details that would attract users.

Optimizing for All Audiences

Because The Wellness Project targets parents and students in rural and urban areas nationwide, it was important to account for all and any devices. We used responsive technology throughout our front-end development in order to create a seamless transition across multiple devices.