Managing a Native App Build

Ryan covers:

  1. The differences, advantages, and disadvantages between native apps, hybrid apps, and web apps
  2. Best practices for project managing a native app build
  3. Differences in roles and responsibilities between mobile and web builds for Product and Project Managers
  4. Why core project and product management skills are still (and perhaps even more so) important with this type of development

    This content is intended for project managers and project owners who:
        • are beginning a mobile app build
        • want to better understand app build types

        About the Presenter

        As a Project Manager at Viget, Ryan leverages over five years of professional experience in design and development to manage a wide range of digital projects for a diverse client roster, including the NFL Players Association, FiscalNote, Emerson Collective, and Washington Speakers Bureau. He has led a variety of projects, including CMS-driven Rails apps, Craft website development, native mobile app builds, and UX/UI-heavy product redesigns.

        Key Capabilities