Performance Audit

Our product strategy team can perform an audit to help you answer questions like:

  • Is our product and delivery strategy aligned with the needs of our users?
  • Do our current technology approaches need to be revamped?
  • Does our product conform to current accessibility standards and comply with requirements?
  • Are we optimizing the delivery of our content in a way that ensures a fast and responsive experience for our audience?
  • Are there opportunities to increase customer conversions resulting from performance improvements?

We can tailor this audit to your unique needs and timeline. Generally, our audits begin with a one-hour discovery call, followed by our research into your organization and assessment of your product, and culminate with a presentation of our findings. Your team will receive an audit report containing our findings and recommendations, including insights you can apply immediately. These recommendations may include code changes to improve site performance, accessibility updates to maintain compliance, ideas for AB testing to maximize product performance, and tools to consider for improved efficiency during your product process. Our audit and analysis efforts typically take place over a two-week period and are either handed off to your team for implementation, or conducted by our team in follow-up efforts.

If you’re interested, contact us below and we’ll follow up shortly.