July 10, 2019

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The Why of Connected Devices

Over recent years, the arrival of the Internet of Things has generated a great deal of hype. Businesses, developers, and consumers alike have been exploring what it means for them. Viget has been doing the same, providing services in consumer IoT product development and experiential marketing, working with clients to develop products as diverse as the interactive installation, Lightwalk, to smart home technology like Pura's smart fragrance dispenser.

In the process, we’ve evaluated how organizations can leverage connected devices for business value. The reality is that developing and deploying these devices requires a lot of energy – from expensive BOMs to complex design considerations. Without a strategic approach, an organization risks creating a bloated IoT product or platform that is all tech and little value. The opportunities for this technology are endless, but success isn’t guaranteed. At Viget, we help clients start with “why” as we build the future of IoT.

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Community Thoughts on The Why of Connected Devices...

  1. 1. When IoT Is Valuable And When It's Not IoT is not valuable when it doesn’t enable organizations to focus, disrupt and win. For many, this means competing more effectively and efficiently. For others, it means a lack of data governance. After all, who’s responsible for all of this wonderful data? Is it managed? Where is it stored? Is it secure? Does it comply with regulations? Suddenly, things can get complicated really fast.
  2. 2. "How IoT Solves Content Marketing Challenges" “The use of the data from the IoT system sets a company apart from the competition by being able to individualize their strategy and give their consumer a personal experience. This is what is called experiential marketing, which offers an experience rather than content, leading to a new type of engagement between a company and their consumer.”

See how we helped real estate company Nest Realty build an MVP designed to streamline the transaction process for their agents and customers. We designed and built an internal software tool that centralizes company-wide data, letting agents spend less time on logistics and more time focused on their clients.

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