Newsletter July 28, 2022

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The Case for Mentorship

By Analisa Ortiz, Former Recruiter

Ahh, The Great Reshuffle. It’s a tumultuous time – equal parts hopeful and stressful – which brings new challenges when it comes to attracting and retaining fabulous talent. We think an intentional mentorship program can help address both.

Some corners of the internet insist that “people don’t want to work,” but we hear from applicants all the time that this isn’t right. People are eager for meaningful work — to spend the professional portion of their one precious life growing, connecting with others, and contributing to a positive mission.

Our apprenticeship program fosters exactly that. We help early career talent and career changers accelerate their career and we create opportunities for our full-time folks to teach and mentor. Not only do they solidify their expertise, they get the good feels that come from helping others! Everyone is invested and deeply benefits from the increased engagement.

The deadline to apply for this year's apprenticeship program is August 7th. We look forward to hearing from you (and others in your network).

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Articles We Love

  1. 1. Improve Workplace Culture With A Strong Mentorship Program “One of the most impressive things about an effective mentoring program is how far the positive ripple effects reach.”
  2. 2. How to Engage Employees So They’re Not Always Looking for the Next Opportunity “The factors that make work fulfilling tend to be the same ones that make people want to stay with an organization: a blend of purpose, meaning, challenge, growth, connection, and belonging that we derive from our jobs.”
  3. 3. Why Your Mentorship Program Isn't Working People who have strong mentors accrue a host of professional benefits including more rapid advancement, higher salaries, greater organizational commitment, stronger professional identity, and higher satisfaction with both job and career.

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In her article "Recruiting with Optimism," Analisa Ortiz and the Recruiting team wrote about how they're adapting to changes in the industry and the job market to find and attract talented people.


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