Newsletter January 15, 2021

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2021: Controlling What You Can

By Aakash Tandel, Former Data Scientist

Despite the tumultuous start to 2021, at Viget we’re using this new year to revisit goals and refocus on the things within our control.

On the Data & Analytics Team, we spent time reflecting on our team’s purpose, reviewing last year’s goals, and setting new goals that align with our values as data professionals, citizens, and individuals. I’m personally leaving behind doomscrolling and checking Slack in non-working hours. Professionally, I'm determined to share my work and learnings more often.

It's on that note that I invite you to join me for a webinar. On January 26th, I'm hosting a free 45-minute presentation: 10 Ways to Improve Your Google Analytics and Tag Manager Setups. If your 2021 resolution is to better understand and leverage your web analytics, this presentation can get you moving in the right direction. RSVP with the link below.

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Articles We Love

  1. 1. Why Digital Privacy Matters Even More in 2021 “With more and more of us working from home now, protecting digital privacy for everyone matters even more. Now, when our digital privacy is invaded, it’s not just on our work computers at public office buildings, it’s happening on our “everything” computers from our homes. That’s why it’s more important than ever to think about how we can protect both ourselves and our customers.”
  2. 2. This Year, Try Downsizing Your Resolutions Even if you’re the type of person who is put off by New Year’s resolutions, experts say that in 2021 — or any year, really — writing out one or two specific, small and attainable goals can help develop confidence and a sense of pride, improving your well-being.

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Liz Boulder 9446

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Quibi, the nearly $2 billion streaming platform, lasted only six months before calling it quits. Kate Trenerry, Senior Digital Strategist, explores what we can learn from their mistakes.

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Applications for our Summer 2021 internship are now open. We're offering a variety of roles for students, from design, to development, to business development. Applications are due by February 26th.

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If you're looking to build more resilience in 2021, consider meditation. BethAnne Dorn shares her best practices for bringing mindfulness into business development practices in her latest article.


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