May 2, 2019

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Site Performance as a Foundation

When site performance is mentioned, what comes to mind? Is your funnel working? Are visitors being converted into customers? Are clicks resulting in revenue? Underneath these questions is a more fundamental one: does the experience of using your site make visitors engage more deeply or just give up? You can optimize your content, maximize the path to conversion, and even A/B test for the most clickable button color — all very important things. But if your page takes more than 3 seconds to load, will anyone stick around to see those improvements?

At Viget, we believe that performance is a critical foundation for everything else that takes place on your site. Rather than viewing things like loading speed and perceived wait times as purely technical concerns, we view them as user concerns and, therefore, business concerns. We understand that good performance starts at the idea stage.

Whether you’re looking to optimize user flow on an existing site or to do a full redesign, make sure to include a performance audit as part of your plan.

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Community Thoughts on Site Performance as a Foundation...

  1. 1. Why Performance Matters “In our shared pursuit to push the web to do more, we’re running into a common problem: performance. Sites have more features than ever before. So much so, that many sites now struggle to achieve a high level of performance across a variety of network conditions and devices.”
  2. 2. Why Performance is the Best Way to Improve the User Experience “Many things shape the experience of users. However, nothing is more likely to drive users away than a poorly performing website.”
  3. 3. Improving UX Through Front-End Performance “It’s time we make performance optimization a fundamental part of how we design, build, and test every single site we create—for every single device.”
  4. 4. Performance as User Experience “[U]ser experience goes far beyond the interface. Our users’ experiences begin with their first request to our servers.”

Recently, two of our team members shared their expertise as podcast guests.

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featuring Nate Hunzaker, Development Director

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Boulder Tech Podcast
featuring Jeremy Fields, Front-End Development Director

Boulder Startup Week Happy Hour
Boulder, CO
May 13 @ 5 PM
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No BS Startup Analytics
Boulder, CO
May 16 @ 9 AM

Put analytics to work for you with the No BS Startup Analytics talk. Starting with an analytics strategy to guide your setup and analysis, participants will learn how to select the right tools for the job, analyze the performance of their products or services, and make data-informed marketing decisions. Your instructor, Albert Wavering, has eight years of hands-on analytics management and will deliver practical takeaways that startup founders, product managers, and marketers can start using immediately.
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The Basics of Branding for Startups

Boulder, CO
May 17 @ 12 PM
When it comes to branding, you don’t need to know all the things. But if you want your startup to become (or remain) successful, there is some stuff you need to know — like the basic branding fundamentals, the role branding plays in your industry, and what that means for your business, marketing budget, app design, and Instagram feed.
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