April 18, 2018

Let’s Talk About:

The Rise of WebGL

From delivering audiovisual experiences and 360° content to 2D/3D video games and VR/AR apps on the browser, WebGL has been at the forefront of it all. And that’s not even scratching the surface. The rising demand for immersive content on the Web has brought WebGL into the limelight.

Allowing developers to harness the full power of a computer or phone’s graphics rendering hardware using JavaScript, WebGL has extended the capabilities of the average browser by leaps and bounds. We can now make expensive calculations on the GPU and render cutting-edge graphics on the browser using the power of shaders. With major browser vendors taking a serious stance toward supporting all features of WebGL, it’s worth considering that the web landscape may be expanding by another dimension, if it hasn’t already.

During our work with Shure on the Mic Design Studio, we leveraged WebGL to tackle the challenge of building an interactive design studio for world-class microphones.

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Community Thoughts on The Rise of WebGL...

  1. 1. The Era of WebGL As the web moves forward, I hope to see more exceptionally mundane uses of WebGL for rich-media websites.
  2. 2. Best WebGL Websites A collection of websites powered by WebGL that demonstrate a mix of content delivery, interactivity and dynamic imagery.
  3. 3. WebGL Insights This book and the accompanying website represent the epitome of the web’s sharing culture: a curated collection of leading-edge techniques and insights, with online source code and live demonstrations.

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