Newsletter November 9, 2023

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Is Your Site Accessible?

Nathan Schmidt

By Nathan Schmidt, Senior UI Developer

Did you know that there are new web accessibility guidelines? Last month, WCAG version 2.2 made its debut, introducing nine new accessibility standards for websites. One example that may surprise you is the guideline for simplifying user authentication — meaning no more CAPTCHAs, code transcriptions, or authentication puzzles. Have you addressed this on your site?

Aligning your website with these new standards isn't just about checking boxes off a list (or avoiding legal trouble); it's a strategic move that can significantly impact user experience, SEO, and even your revenue stream. Consider this: 27% of Americans have a disability. If your site isn't accessible, there's a decent chance you're missing out on potential revenue and possibly alienating over a quarter of your audience.

Delving into technical guidelines can be tedious, but it's crucial to get accessibility right. That's why I took the liberty of distilling the guidelines into a digestible article for you.

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