January 19, 2018

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Kill the Chaos: Invest in a Design System

The topic of design systems has been popular lately, and for good reason. They solve some of our clients' biggest challenges including consistency, efficiency, and scalability. By arming our clients with a solid design foundation and a flexible toolkit, we empower them to make good decisions long after we're gone.

Despite what you may think, design systems aren’t just for internal product teams. At Viget, we’ve used the same principles and practices to solve problems for clients of all types. Whether you’re a small startup ready to scale or a huge organization looking to build consistency across dozens of sites, investing in a design system can bring a big return.

Design Systems at Viget

Community Thoughts on Kill the Chaos: Invest in a Design System...

  1. 1. Introducing Design Systems “Design systems enable teams to build better products faster by making design reusable—reusability makes scale possible. This is the heart and primary value of design systems. A design system is a collection of reusable components, guided by clear standards, that can be assembled together to build any number of applications.”
  2. 2. Your Guide to Design Systems from the World’s Leading Brands “Here is your guide to some of the best public design systems—with inspiration, resources, and lessons learned along the way.”
  3. 3. Selling Design Systems “If you’re having trouble convincing your powers-that-be that a design system can come in handy for your organization, follow Brent’s lead and do a little legwork to really demonstrate where a design system can help. You’ll walk out with your approval and budget in a heartbeat.”
  4. 4. Building a Visual Language “We can now build and release features on all native platforms at roughly the same time. Development is generally faster, since product engineers can focus more on writing the feature logic rather than the view code. Additionally, engineers and designers now share a common language.”

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