November 13, 2018

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Fall 2018 at Viget

At the end of 2017, we set out to have a year of growth at Viget. This included business goals, as well as hiring and professional development goals for current staff. We recently gathered for our Fall all-hands TTT to discuss the progress we’ve made and explore what’s next. Below you’ll find three of our key takeaways from the year to date.

Don’t Let Goals Impact Standards
When growing teams, it’s tempting to move too quickly and hire ‘good enough’ instead of ‘great.’ But it’s best not to put company culture and your standard of work at risk, regardless of the established goals. (If you know somebody great, do let them know we’re actively hiring for a variety of roles.)

Invest, Reflect, Improve
One of our priorities is for every individual to experience meaningful professional development and career growth at Viget. Accordingly, we offer an annual conference budget and empower employees with strategies, support, and resources to achieve their growth goals. This year, we focused on improving this process based on feedback from staff. Stay tuned, as we’ll have insights to share soon!

Do the Work You Love
The most common feedback we hear from staff is the importance of tackling interesting challenges while working with clients we admire. The best way to allow for professional growth is by continually elevating the standards of our work, which we've done a lot this year. Some of that work (and related stories) are listed below. We hope you enjoy reading about them.

Adult Swim: We created a chat application to allow users to live tweet as they played the new Pool Panic game.
FiscalNote: We developed an authentic, compelling brand strategy for their next phase of growth.
MaterialWise: We designed and built a screening app using Elixir and React that lets users check materials for safety.
CyberGRX: We created consistency in their sophisticated, new security review product with a cohesive platform for ongoing feature development.


Ethics in Tech Falls Church, VA
November 14, 2018 @ 6:30PM

Brandon Dorn will explore the role of design in the broader tech-ethical landscape, identifying how designers can act responsibly in day-to-day work, and when responsibility transcends job titles.
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