November 23, 2016

Let’s Talk About:

Exploration through Design

At Viget, we work daily on interesting, challenging, and diverse problems for clients. Each project requires us to study new business strategies, industries, and customer segments so that we understand the broader context of our work. We like this kind of research. It keeps us on our toes and brings assumption-defeating perspective to our design thinking and software engineering.

However, we often think through intriguing problems that we haven’t yet worked on with clients. We call these Explorations. Explorations don’t result in something made, but something conceived. They’re a way for us to try out ideas without the practical budget or technical considerations that appropriately shape our client projects.

By suspending the question “How will this work today?”, we can ask, “What might this look like in the future?” Though Explorations have a slight air of fantasy, our pragmatism prevents us from believing everything will be solved with magic. After we’ve settled on a vision for an Exploration, we identify technologies and materials that could make it happen. Interested in learning more? Click here:

Explorations at Viget

Community Thoughts on Exploration through Design...

  1. 1. VR 2020 “As the first generation of virtual reality devices from different manufacturers starts hitting the market, what are the implications for enjoyment, productivity, social interactions, man-machine-interfaces, and health? How will opportunities within these areas help create a preferable future for both VR brands and their customers.”
  2. 2. The Future of Autonomous Emergency Response “In the future we need to connect emergency physicians with the patient as soon as possible using autonomous and virtual technologies. We could not only improve the response time of ambulances, but also get physician care to the patient immediately.”
  3. 3. Shift — The End of Texting and Driving? “The project deals with the distractions involved in texting while driving. Using existing technology and targeting ordinary human behaviours, it brilliantly flips the problem on its head to place the responsibility on the sender, rather than the driver.”
  4. 4. What If We Could Rethink Digital Healthcare? “We believe that health, technology and infrastructure have reached a moment when real improvements can be made to the way people look for and access health care everyday. So we began to look at an aging system through the lens of progressive disruption to explore ’what if?’”
  5. 5. Automobility “How different will tomorrow be from today? Stuff will get faster and cheaper. But our basic needs? We’re betting those stay the same—that humans will still need to sleep, to eat, to work, and to move from place to place. That last part is what we’re interested in here. What happens to mobility in the next 15 years? Let’s go for a ride and find out.”

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