February 5, 2019

Let’s Talk About:

Data Science and Decision Making

While data science is transforming industries, many organizations are still figuring how to start down its path.

Data science lets you accomplish objectives such as understanding what factors drive repeat purchases and membership renewals; automatically grouping related and recommended content on a website; and gauging the incremental lift of offline marketing efforts.

Before answering questions like these, however, your organization must first answer: “what is the state of our data?” Consider how you define problems, collect robust and accurate data, store it, build iterative data products, share learnings, and implement findings.

Wherever you are on the data science continuum, now is the time to go one step further.

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Community Thoughts on Data Science and Decision Making...

  1. 1. Defining a Data Science Problem “A good thumb rule is, ‘If a problem can be solved in Excel, you don’t need a Data Scientist to handle it.’”
  2. 2. The AI Hierarchy of Needs “Think of AI as the top of a pyramid of needs. Yes, self-actualization (AI) is great, but you first need food, water and shelter (data literacy, collection and infrastructure).”
  3. 3. Data at Work: 3 Real-World Problems Solved by Data Science “Using machine learning techniques, [Airbnb] predicts the optimal price for a rental based on its location, time of year, and a variety of other attributes. For Airbnb hosts, it revolutionized the way in which rental owners can best set their prices in the market and maximize returns.”

Fashioning Tech: How to Innovate in the Fashion Industry
Falls Church, VA
February 26 @ 6:30PM

This talk will explore how digital designers can partner with fashion businesses to transform the industry, from rethinking the shopping experience to incorporating machine learning into distribution. These areas are ripe for innovation, but it has to start with a frank discussion about how fashion and tech can work together.

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