Newsletter September 11, 2020

Let’s Talk About:

Advancing LGBTQ Equality

By Peyton Chance, Former Product Manager

Last month, the Human Rights Campaign launched a refreshed and replatformed digital home. At a time when active commitment to equity is so imperative, we are proud to have partnered with HRC on this effort.

Together, we tackled information architecture challenges that were preventing users from finding much-needed information about LGBTQ rights and issues. We integrated directly with HRC’s Salesforce database to streamline the process of making research accessible to the masses.

All of this was possible because of a strong strategic foundation set in discovery. User interviews, usability testing, and an intimate knowledge of HRC’s teams and work laid the groundwork for a powerful new site.

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What We’re Up To

Laptop In Laptop Article Graphic

Remote conferences might not be our first choice, but Becky Radnaev shares some helpful tactics to make the most of virtual events in the time of COVID.

DC Startup Week

This month, two Viget team members will present at DC Startup Week. Register for this free event to hear from Peyton Chance on Accessibility and Ally Fouts on Brand Building.


We held a GOOD Talk based on Tara Haelle's article on Surge Capacity and the pandemic. We found this to be a useful article when discussing how we as individuals are managing the times.

Dylan HQ 0303

Ecto makes it easy to use Postgres schemas. Dylan Lederle-Ensign explains how we used this feature on a recent project to implement a multi-tenant solution and keep everyone's data separated.

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