Your MOM Makes Websites

Samantha Warren, Former Viget

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No she doesn't, well... maybe she does (I know assuming makes an ASS out of U and Me) BUT... the likelihood that you are beyond the age of 25 and your mom truly has a grasp on what you do, exactly, is pretty slim. I have spent a remarkable number of hours explaining blogging to my mother to no avail. But it’s not nearly as fun as watching my mom’s face as my sister described her top 10 MySpace friends during my father's birthday dinner. Neither of these two conversations held a match to my 89-year-old grandmother inquiring about my occupation ... a woman who is as sharp as a tack but has never even touched the mouse of a computer. I struggled to compare the Internet to TV and advertising and newspapers -- even books -- and yet I feel as though I still fell horribly short. I ask: How do YOU describe what you do on the Internet to someone who has no concept of it?

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