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Tom Osborne joined Viget this week as our design director alongside Peyton. Tom's in our headquarters and Peyton in Durham, and together they'll be leading our talented team of designers and working closely with our clients.

Tom's web design background began when he co-founded eman communications design in 1996 -- which later merged with Telegraph.net  -- supporting clients like PGA of America and Motorola. He comes to Viget after four years at AOL, where he helped the AIM Product Design Team in their messaging and social media efforts. He's excited to be here.

"To say that Viget has huge potential is to understate it," he said. "There's an eight-year proven track record, imaginative ideas abounding, and talent brimming, bringing mind-blowing concepts to life every day.  This is enormous.  I'm happy to be a part of it."

Brian's happy he's a part of it, too.  After having met Tom a couple years ago at SXSW, Brian said he knew Tom would be a great fit for the team since "he's authentic and down-to-Earth; clearly talented and personally driven.

"We have a great design team here and were fortunate to be able to take our time in finding the perfect candidate to lead the group," Brian said.  "Tom's balance of both visual and user experience design is a great match for what we do.  He understands the challenges our clients are facing and will be instrumental helping to take our work to the next level."

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