Weezer Gets It

Josh Chambers, Former Viget

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Within the past week, Weezer's newest music video "Pork and Beans" has been viewed more than 5,000,000 times. Is Weezer that popular? Or do they just get it?

Most of us can burn hours with friends on YouTube. The conversation usually starts with, "Yeah ... but have you seen this one?" and then YouTube glory ensues. And yet, even with seemingly universal YouTube awareness, so many YouTube campaigns just straight bomb. What is Weezer's secret?


Weezer is participating in the YouTube world by referencing -- and paying tribute to -- content that other community members have created. By showing they understand and care about the rest of the community, they have engendered a positive vibe, added value to others, and in the process promoted their new single. Unlike your standard "shove-it-down-their-throats" marketing, Weezer *gets* that marketing itself should make our lives better.

Also, this video was put on YouTube by the Weezer channel. They're giving the video away for others' enjoyment. They're not concerned with copyrights, whether it's being used properly or not, or who is watching it. They put the content out there for others to enjoy and have fun with, and it's paying off.

With references to YouTube hits like Afro Ninja, Numa Numa, Miss Teen USA 2007, Evolution of Dance, and Diet Coke and Mentos (to name just a few); the Pork and Beans video is a tribute to user-generated content--and it's awesome.

Not only that, but I kind of dig the crunchy guitars and catchy tune. Enjoy:


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