WARNING: Tweets of Fury Will Ruin Your Life

Kevin Vigneault, Vice President of Product Services

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This post originally appeared on Pointless Corp.

OK, not really. But it might ruin a friendship, your reputation on Twitter, or your hopes for a productive day at work.

The latest Pointless Corp project is by far our most destructive and menacing endeavor. Tweets of Fury lets you battle your Twitter nemesis in a Rock-Scissors-Paper duel. You and your opponent will face off in a best-2-out-of-3 match and we predict your hands will be sweating by Round 2. Your initial challenge to your enemy is tweeted publicly. The battle happens privately on the TOF site. And the next thing the twitter-sphere will see is a tweet from the loser … a tweet that was written by the WINNER (cue ominous music). To the world it looks like any other tweet.

Do you use twitter to promote your personal brand? Is it a big part of your professional networking strategy? THEN DON’T PLAY TWEETS OF FURY. We can attest that the thrill of the battle will tempt you. But this application is best suited to daredevil fun-lovers who have little to lose.

We had a great time building TOF, but we did it pretty quickly and so, it’s still a little rough around the edges. We are going go to be cleaning up the design/codes over the next couple of weeks and hopefully adding a couple new features. Meanwhile, we’d love to hear from anyone playing the game about their experience. Send your comments, suggestions, and/or hate mail to support@tweetsoffury.com. We’ll take all ideas under advisement. Then we will CRUSH YOU in a TOF battle. Look out!

Kevin Vigneault

Kevin is Viget's VP of Product Services in our Falls Church, VA, HQ. He concepts, launches, and optimizes products for the World Wildlife Fund, Wildlife Conservation Society, Privia Health, and OPOWER.

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