Visualize Your Vocals with the Brand New Shure Design Studio

Becky Tornes, Former Senior Project Manager

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It’s official: the Shure Design Studio has launched! The Shure Design Studio lets you customize your Shure microphone with pre-fab images, your own images, and text. I have been working with Shure since my second week here at Viget, and it was a fun road to get to this app ready for launch. We are all thrilled with how the application turned out, and I personally am thankful to have worked with a team that taught me so much throughout the project. From Mike Ackerman (back-end developer) learning the ins and outs of image generation and image printing, to Nate Hunzaker (front-end developer) working with WebGL technology for the first time, to Blair Culbreth and Jackson Fox (visual and UX designers respectively) concepting this one of a kind app, learning and growing with the entire team has been amazing.

First, a little history

Shure, a worldwide leader in microphone and speaker equipment, and Viget have worked together for over three years. Most of that time was spent creating and iterating on a custom CMS solution. Given the success of our initial engagement, Shure reached out to us when the need for this app arose. For this project, we were able to branch out and create a new app -- from concept to development -- that lives outside the the main Shure domain.

Team effort

With Shure’s extraordinary dedication to customer service and quality, this project had many ambitious requirements. Customers need to be able to choose colors, images (pre-fab or uploaded), and text to display on their mics in any way they like. To ensure customer satisfaction, they also need to be able to see their creations before purchasing, to be certain their designs are representative of the final product they’ll receive. Simply reviewing the design before checking out wasn’t going to cut it — they need to be able to see the impact of their changes as they make them, so they can tinker until their custom microphone is perfect. Their final design then needs to be translated into a print design that Shure’s custom printing vendor can access and use.

It was a lot to tackle, but the teams came together to make it happen, and together created a customization tool unlike anything the world has seen before. The users love the ability to do anything they want with their microphone design; Shure has opened up to a brand new market in a spectacular fashion; and we got to experiment with and hone our skills on new technologies. This project was definitely a win-win-win!

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