VigeTurf Makes its Holiday Gift Debut

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Each December, we come together as a company to thank our clients and friends -- Viget style -- who have helped us to succeed over the past decade. This tradition started many years ago with a little creation we called VigorBalm and has continued through fun projects like Vigoroma, Vigelicious, VigeTags, and VigetRocks.


This year, we created a cool product (if we do say so ourselves) that we're sending nationwide to family and fans alike -- BEHOLD!  VigeTurf will be dashing through the snow (and U.S. Postal system) soon in hopes of inspiring growth around the world just in time for the new year! 

But we didn't stop there!  No, instead we upped the ante and did a *bit* more than just a basic website.  On it, you can tell us what you're growing in 2009 with our Twitter-style updater, or grow some virtual turf of your own to add to the gallery and share with pals.  (But please keep it clean, folks; VigeTurf, after all, is all about GROWTH!)


Also, recipients of the real life VigeTurf boxes will be sending photos of where they've been growing; if you want to receive one of your own (while supplies last), email us at  Or, if you just want to tell us what you think of Vigeturf, drop us an email at

So, check out, read more about the story and see the people who helped make it happen, tell us if you want one, and share a little green with your loved ones this holiday season!

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