Viget Launches New Site for Blaine Larsen

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FALLS CHURCH, VA - In concert with the release of emerging country star Blaine Larsen's latest album "Rockin' You Tonight," hitting stores today, Viget Labs gave Blaine's web site ( a whole new look. In addition, Viget implemented a custom content management system throughout the site that allows Blaine to update his online journal and his staff to update tour dates and other information so that fans always have the latest news.

Viget Labs' experience in providing web strategy and design for the entertainment industry is extensive, with clients such as Britney Spears (, Usher (, Shania Twain (, Kenny Chesney ( and many more.

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Founded in 1999 and based outside of Washington, DC, Viget Labs provides strategic web consulting, interactive design, web application development, and online marketing services to clients around the country. Typical engagements include concept-to-launch development of online businesses, implementation of online marketing strategies for offline companies, and custom projects that leverage a distinct set of our full-services capabilities. In short, we build web business.

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Charlottesville, VA-based Musictoday, LLC was founded in 1996 to provide merchandise warehousing and order fulfillment services to musicians. Musictoday now provides an expanded portfolio of services including merchandise warehousing, merchandise order fulfillment, Web store hosting and administration, merchandise design, coordination of merchandise production, Web ticketing site hosting and administration, ticket order fulfillment, Web fan club site hosting and administration, Web site hosting and administration, CD replication, and call center customer support. Musictoday's proprietary Web store, Web fan club, and Web ticketing solutions provide Musictoday's hundreds of clients with an unparalleled ability to interact actively with existing and emerging fans. For more information about Musictoday, visit

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