Viget Labs Launches Integrated Web System for TalkingNets

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ARLINGTON, VA (May 3, 2001) — Viget Labs, an Arlington-based provider of web-based software solutions, has announced the launch of TalkingNets' new web site and integrated Channel Partner extranet. TalkingNets, a wholesale provider of next-generation voice services and enhanced voice applications, now leverages new web technologies to increase the efficiency in communicating with Channel Partners, vendors and end-user customers.

"We're pleased to have been able to work with TalkingNets at this critical stage in their growth. TalkingNets is expanding rapidly -- and they recognize the tremendous value that web technologies can have in terms of both quality of service and cost efficiencies," said Brian Williams, Viget Labs co-founder.

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About Viget Labs

Viget Labs provides Internet consulting and web systems development services from its headquarters in Arlington, VA. In addition to public web site development, Viget Labs builds corporate intranets used for internal communication and coordination, extranet systems used to communicate wtih and support clients, and complete e-commerce systems for emerging e-businesses. Viget Labs serves a variety of clients in industries which include telecommunications, advertising, food services, and commercial real estate.

About TalkingNets

TalkingNets, a telephony ASP, provides wholesale telephony solutions that allow Broadband Service Providers and Telecom Resellers to offer next-generation voice services to small and medium-sized businesses. Using its server-based IP telecom architecture, TalkingNets enables Channel Partners to sell basic and advanced voice services, as well as a variety of enhanced applications -- applications that previously required end users to purchase, maintain, and manage their own on-premises hardware. By extending the computer hosting and server model into the telephony world, TalkingNets gives Channel Partners the ability to offer voice services quickly, efficiently, and effectively without developing significant voice expertise, dealing with regulatory roadblocks, or buiding out additional network components.

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