Viget Labs Expands Its Food Service Client List

Viget Labs

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p> FALLS CHURCH, VA (August 5, 2002) — Viget Labs, a Northern Virginia web systems technology firm, worked closely with the founder of Campus Dining Network to design and build a comprehensive web system to support all its business operations in states across the country. The web system handles backend processes such as billing and accounting, while also serving public requirements such as registration and ecommerce.

"We're pleased to have been brought onboard to design this system from the ground up so that we could factor in company growth, increased traffic, and enhanced functionality in the original system build," said Andy Rankin, Viget Labs founder and project manager for the Campus Dining Network project. "We have extensive experience in the food services industry and have created many successful ecommerce applications for food, catering, and recipe sites. We look forward to expanding the Campus Dining Network site with additional functionality as they position themselves in more and more markets." Visit the site at

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