Viget Rumbles

Last weekend, Viget saw several of our employees (at both offices) participate with others in the Rails Rumble. The 48-hour competition yielded some fantastic applications from teams around the world, and we're excited to see how ours will stack up.

  • Finger (Chris Byrum, Tony Pitale, Matt Swasey, and Owen Shifflett)

    Send SMS reminders to your (fashionably-late) friends. Lesson learned: the value of planning ahead.

  • Forever Home (Ben Scofield)

    Find nearby adoptable dogs. Lesson learned: keep it as simple as possible.

  • Linkin (David Eisinger and Ren Provey)

    Review (and view reviews in-game) other World of Warcraft characters. Lesson learned: never try to learn a new programming language during a programming competition.

  • Qflip (Rob Ares, Doug Avery, Patrick Reagan, and Nicholas Schlueter)

    Let people vote on the next movie Netflix will send you. Lesson learned: iterate throughout, producing the simplest thing first and gradually enhancing it.

  • Voting will open in the next few days—stay tuned to the Rails Rumble site for more information!

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