Viget Pushup Club Dominates Life

Josh Chambers, Former Viget

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viget pushup clubNot only do we build web businesses, we also build muscles. Last week I randomly asked a few people if they would be interested in doing pushups with me at work as my solo pushup routine was lonely (read: sucked). I received a resounding "Rarrr" (because when discussing pushups, a "yes" would never suffice). Ever since pushup club started, we as a group have collectively broken 7 keyboards, ripped off 12 doorknobs, fractured 4 knuckles while shaking hands, and accidentally crushed 85 pop (not soda) cans.

The following video actually happened.

Viget Pushup Club from Josh Chambers on Vimeo.

P.S. This wasn't actually sponsored by Pay the Fan...

P.S.S. You can dive deeper into the iron psyche that is PUC via Twitter at

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