TTT: Viget Paints the Town

Khanh Stenberg, Former Events Manager

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Since most of our Third Third Thursdays are quite intense, the focus of this TTT was to be low-key to have the opportunity to just hang out with the awesome people we work with.

TTT Jan '11 Pottery Painting

At HQ we braved the cold and walked down the street to Clay Cafe Studios in downtown Falls Church City. We spent a few hours painting pottery and tiles that we'll use to decorate the office.

Andy's tiger bowl

In Durham, the gang traveled to Glazed Expectations and showed off their artistic skills. I knew I worked with talented folks, but they took the tiles to a whole new level and created some intricate designs.

Todd M is a pro

Although this TTT wasn't competitive in nature, I predict that many competitions will take place around the office to receive this gem.

you are special

Keep an eye out for the next TTT in April when we reunite everyone from all three offices to celebrate 11 years of Viget!

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