Viget in Vancouver (Sort Of)

Doug Avery, Former Senior Developer

Article Category: #Design & Content

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A quick Inspire announcement: After 3 years at Viget's DC office, I’ve moved up to Vancouver, British Columbia to continue working on Viget projects remotely. Vancouver’s awesome so far, but leaving DC meant leaving our community behind, and I'm anxious to get reconnected with web folks in the Vancouver area. What are the best design/dev/web organizations to check out? How do Vancouver web people stay fresh and connected to what's happening around here? If you’re reading this and have some pointers on being a web professional here in the Northwest, or just want to touch base in Vancouver, let me know in the comments or ping me @averydistracted. Thanks!

PS: Viget also has another satellite team member, Patrick Reagan, in Boulder Colorado. If you see him out there, say hi!

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