Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 Stencils for Omnigraffle

Todd Moy, Former Senior User Experience Designer

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A little while ago, Elliott, Lance, and I put together an Omnigraffle stencil set for Twitter Bootstrap. That was back in the days of yore, when buttons had gloss, bevels, and drop shadows. 

But times have changed and now all the cool kids are going flat. Not to be left behind, the folks over at Bootstrap updated their aesthetics to suit. In the process, they made a slew of functional improvements too. 

Based on an outpouring of requests we found some time to update our stencil to match their changes.

Better late than never, right? Just like the previous releases, this one aims to maintain parity with Bootstrap 3.0. We removed styles that are no longer used, added new components, and generally updated the look and feel. Oh, and for those of you who like to search through the stencils, we've named the elements to make it easier to quickly find, say, that little icon you're always looking for. 

So, don't wait. Act now. Download a copy today. And if you have any issues or suggestions, let us know over at Github.

(Love the old Bootstrap? We didn't forget about y'all. You can still download the prior release, which retains the vintage aesthetic.)

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