TTT: Viget Lands Safely at the Science Museum

Khanh Stenberg, Former Events Manager

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With 3 offices and just shy of 50 people, it’s rare that we can get everyone at Viget in one room, but we made it happen at our last quarterly recap/progress meeting and TTT. We gathered at the Science Museum in Richmond, VA for a day of socializing, exploring, IMAXing, and egg dropping.

49 Vigets, count ‘em.Team Viget

The newest Lab RatLab Rat

No Viget event is complete without some healthy competition (in addition to a footrace against Barn) so we broke up into teams and with a box of random materials, created some elaborate egg dropping vessels in hopes of safely landing Astronaut Raw Eggy McEggerson on Planet Viget.

We gathered around and watched the fate of our creations.Watching

Team Egg Beaters destroyed the competition by landing just 1.5 inches from the target.Egg Beaters

Measuring Internet Eggsploder

But other contraptions weren't so lucky.Failed

Did you know that Viget means "flourish" in Latin?Flourish

Viget Science TTT from Viget Labs on Vimeo.

Stay tuned to see what other exciting events we have to round out 2011, our best year yet!

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