TTT: Hiking, Golfing, and Climbing our way through Q2

Khanh Stenberg, Former Events Manager

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The tradition of TTT continues at Viget this Summer. With the focus of becoming a healthier company, we decided to get off our bums and go outside, swing clubs, and climb walls.

Before the fun, each office got together for our Progress Quarterly meeting where Brian and Andy shared an update on how the company is doing and we all discussed ideas for how we can be a better company.

Andy Head

Our Boulder crew has been vigorously decorating the new office so it was the perfect time for them to get out for a bit and enjoy the fresh Colorado air.  For the first, of many, TTT event(s) in Boulder we chose to pack up coolers and hike the Realization Point trail.


Jason and Pat

Lunch at the top

I'm pretty sure one of the prerequisites for working at Viget is having a competitive nature because more often than not some sort of competition takes place (Emily won!).

Jason and Em race

Falls Church braved the east coast heat wave and played a few rounds of Top Golf. The weather was hot, but our golf skills were most definitely not.

Watching a bunch of web geeks golf is quite humorous, especially when Todd "Club Crusher" Bayliss is swinging.

Top Golfers

Down south the Durham team harnessed up and scaled the walls at Vertical Edge and I'm glad we did because we found out who the real monkeys of the group are.

Trish climbs Todd is a monkey

Climbing team

One of the great things about working at Viget is that we don't really need to be doing anything special to enjoy our time together, the company of our coworkers is enough! (Cue the "awww")

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